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Combine repeat errands 

Today think of at least five errands that you do in a day, which can be combined or eliminated altogether, from your daily schedule. This will save a good chunk of your time. Are you going to an outside building two or three times in a day? Can you wait and combine them till such time that you can combine two visits in to one. Can you think of combining two or three places in a row, such as going to the market to fetch milk, going to the telephone booth on the way, fetch vegetables, etc so that valuable time can be saved. 

Be creative and think innovatively. Ask the question 'what are all the things that I can combine?' or 'is there any other way to do this job?  Observe people around you and discuss with them if they have some other way of doing the same thing. See if they have a better idea than your own   Like little drops of water makes a mighty ocean, little seconds and minutes when saved intelligently will give you a cutting edge over others. 

Will you try this to day?

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